About the Scholarship

SigEp’s primary goal is “building balanced men” – demonstrated in philanthropic activity, athletic and intramural success (Second in fraternity intramurals), and academic excellence (GPA of 3.47 compared to a 3.21 male campus average). In working towards this goal, SigEp values what is called the Balanced Man.

The Balanced Man is one who demonstrates a Sound Mind and a Sound Body. Sigma Phi Epsilon believes that learning how to balance roles and activities in college is one of the most important life skills one can attain. In honor of our ideals, Sigma Phi Epsilon is offering $2,500 in scholarship money to elite incoming Georgia Tech male students. The scholarship will be awarded to the students who best exemplify the ideals of the Balanced Man, and show a strong commitment to personal and academic development.


***The application and scholarship in no way require membership to our organization.***